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The Covid-19 pandemic has proven a trying an difficult time. For many, the state and federal eviction moratoriums have let residents stay in their homes even though they've become late on the rent, or in some cases have stopped paying rent completely. It's important to understand that any past due rent that has accrued during this period does not go away when you move out or get evicted. It becomes a debt that you owe like any other. That being said, you do have options.  

Back Due Rent 


Bankruptcy can help. Back due rent can be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. That means that after a successful bankruptcy proceeding, you will no longer owe your landlord any back due rent. However, if left unchecked, a landlord creditor can possibly sue you and get a court order garnishing your wages and bank accounts. They can show up at your place of work to serve and embarrass you, and can have collections agents harass you.  If you owe back due rent, it's better to be proactive. Call us to set up a free no obligation consultation. We'll go over your case and let you know what your options are!


Modifications are possible. If you don't want to, or can't file for bankruptcy protections, we can work with your former / current landlords to set up a payment plan that will work for your budget. Many landlords will accept a smaller sum than what is owed if you can make a lump payment.  


There might be mitigating factors that you're unaware of that may help reduce or eliminate the amount of back rent you'll actually have to pay. These can include code violations by the landlord, or health and safety issues that were never addressed or fixed.  

Co-signer on a lease in arrears 

If you're a co-signer on a lease that is in arrears, you have options as well. Just like the original signatory on a loan, you are liable for any deficiency the primary party has failed to pay. However, all the possible solutions available to the primary signer may also be available to you. Feel free to set up a free consultation with our office so that we can further discuss your individual situation. 


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